Wednesday, May 26, 2010


it's been a while since the last entry. wasn't it?

time passes by, things changed, and of course, i've changed. into better or worst, i would never know. but i am a happy man now.

i wanna talk about,


and not from the Buddhism point of view.

from my understanding, karma means for very action that u've done to other people, eventually you will get it back in return.

when i looked back into my past, i can't hardly remember what i've done to other people. was i good? or was i incredibly bad? because what goes around will always comes around. no matter how far you run, how deep you hide, it will come to get you.

so be nice. i want to be nice. i don't want to hurt other people.

we are all connected. if we hurt other people, we will end up hurting ourselves.

lately my writing has totally turns to crap. sucks man.

my spiritual journey begin on 5th of June. God, please guide your humble servants there. Amin ya Rabbal- Al Amin.


mokteh said...

what u give u get back
what goes around comes around

ijat_asni said...

"jemput la singgah :nuts:"

amalia hani comott said... bru pasan ad yg bru!btul la.ap yg kte wat akan dtg blik pd diri kte..n gudluk tuk kat sane..amin...=)

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